Hiking the Sandcut Falls Trail With Fjällräven

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Hiking the Sandcut Falls Trail With Fjällräven

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Victoria, BC | Fjällräven is about getting outside and spending time in nature. In BC, that means beaches, forests and mountains. Because we spend so much of our free time in the outdoors, we want to share some of our favourite local adventures that are close to our stores in Victoria and Vancouver…

Adventurer: Jared Gudgeon
Store location: 1327 Government Street in Victoria, BC.
Favourite season: Spring
Favourite cold weather sport: Downhill Skiing
Favourite tree: Arbutus
Colour of your backpack: Black

Sandcut Beach OR Sandcut Falls, Shirley BC (Out past Sooke)

Easy (some stairs)

The Sandcut Creek hike in Jordan River Regional Park is quite short, through old trees and over small streams. It is beautiful, quiet and safe; the bridges all have grip for your feet and the trails are well groomed. I always suggest bringing a small snack and water bottle; feel free to pack a full picnic if you want to trek it to the beach as there are plenty of places to set up.

The last steps along the trail have some stairs, which can be slippery when wet so be careful, but it opens onto a serene rocky beach with areas to explore all along the coast. If you walk to the left for 10 minutes you’ll come across Sandcut Creek Falls which runs heavy in the winter. Since it’s on the west coast the rains can come come at any time so I like to pack my Eco-shell along to stay dry, and a small snack to sit and watch the falls. In the summer consider bringing a swim suit but be warned: it’s going to be cold! I wore my hiking boots as I love the grip and you can clamber around under the falls if you’re careful. There’s little shade on the beach so a hat or sunscreen during the summer months is warranted. In winter don’t forget that it can get breezy!

Low-tide will let you cross in front of the falls and get to the other side of the beach where there’s some great rocks and a rope swing. High-tide cuts off this path (unless you want to wade in the waves).

Once you get to the falls, if you want a bit more difficulty and some gorgeous views you can get up on top of the and follow the river back towards the road. There are some trails to the left off the river that will attach back up top, but to the right is private property. Follow the river back to the bridge and you can get back up onto the road and it’s about a 5 minute walk back to your car.

Go to Shirley Delicious! The absolute best place to get treats, lunches, snacks, coffees and teas — they do it all in this quaint little spot. Just past the fire hall/community hall there is lots of parking Phil is the owner/barista and he has an amazing energy. Really a must-stop place. I personally love a Ginger Turmeric Tea and a sausage roll. Sometimes the chocolate croissants sneak into the bag as well. Full lunches and sandwiches are available and made to order – warm and cold. Friendly, amazing staff and a wonderful place in general!

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A 15 minute hike down the trail and a 10 minute hike along the rocky beach to the falls (they are small in the summer).

40 minutes – 1 hour 15 minutes from Victoria depending on traffic. Don’t go during rush hour. **Note** You can totally miss the small parking lot. It’s about 600m past the small bridge that goes over Sandcut Creek.

Including travel time, roughly 2.5-3 hours. The trail itself is 40 minutes in and out, but the beach is great to hang out on for as much of the day as you would like.



Small parking lot available. There’s also some side of road parking for overflow.


Fjällräven (Victoria) 1327 Government St. MAP

Shirley Delicious 2794 Sheringham Point Rd, Shirley, BC MAP
Sandcut Beach West Coast Road, Shirley, BC MAP
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  1. Wow, extraordinary photos…well done. Need me one of those back packs full of snacks. Also, never been on that hike & now am excited to try it out.
    Thanks for sharing.