Special Winemaker’s Farm-to-Table Feast Set for Sherwood

Heading to Victoria for Spring Break? Our friends at Sherwood have got a family-style, farm-to-table wine dinner on the horizon featuring some great wines and some great people. Check this out and mark March 25th on your calendar:

Sherwood Cafe & Bar calls you to pull up a chair for an unforgettable evening of BC true-to-single vineyard wines and a family-style farm-to-table feast. Friends Jay Drysdale of Bella Wines and Matthew Sherlock of Lock & Worth Wines, Nichol Vineyards and Sedimentary Imports join forces with Sherwood. Not to be missed. Delicious fare in solid company -— a great match.

$100 includes lots of wine, food, tax and tip. Tickets and details here.

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