Hiking Tofino’s Tonquin Trail With Fjällräven

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Hiking Tofino’s Tonquin Trail With Fjällräven

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Victoria, BC | Fjällräven is about getting outside and spending time in nature. In BC, that means beaches, forests and mountains. Because we spend so much of our free time in the outdoors, we want to share some of our favourite local adventures that are close to our stores in Victoria and Vancouver…

Adventurer: Marissa Glavas
Store location: Kitsilano, Vancouver
Favourite season: Fall
Favourite cold weather sport: Snowshoeing
Favourite tree: Vine Maple
Colour of your backpack: Forest Green

Tonquin Trail, Tofino, BC

The Tonquin Trail leads you to two of Tofino’s gorgeous beaches, Tonquin Beach and Middle Beach. If you’re planning to stop at the beaches along the way (highly recommended!), it’s best to go at low tide to explore the tide pools.

Along the Tonquin Trail, make sure to stop at the viewpoints that look over the Pacific Ocean and the islands across the way. Although the trail is beautiful any time of day, watching the sunset from the view decks is gorgeous! Lastly, keep your eyes and ears open for various wildlife that frequent the area; the Tonquin Trail gives you the chance to see bald eagles, barred owls, seals, sea lions, sea otters, and if you’re lucky, whales!

DISTANCE: The trail is 3km, excluding the beaches.

PARKING: There is free parking on two sides of the trail, one parking lot at the end of Tonquin Park Rd., as well as another by the Tofino Community Hall. This trail is also within walking distance from the town of Tofino.

TAKE: A rain jacket and sturdy footwear are both essential throughout the rainy seasons. Make sure to pack snacks, water, and if the weather allows for it, a picnic on the beach is always a great idea! Make sure to also bring a camera, as there are many beautiful view points along the way.

SNACK: After the walk along Tonquin Trail, stop at Shed for a good ol’ fashioned burger and fries, or grab a drink and appetizers at Wolf in the Fog — their Cedar Sour cocktail is the best!

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Wolf In The Fog 150 Fourth St., Tofino MAP
Shed 461 Campbell St. MAP
Tonquin Trail Tonquin Trail MAP
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