You Need to Try Some Chic Fille Rosé This Summer

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There was a lot of good food moving around at a recent park picnic we put together with good friends, everything from garlic-licked spot prawns and mozzarella smashburgers to truffled Pommes Anna and tarragon-buttered asparagus (griddled in bacon fat). But the star of the afternoon was the wine. You need to try this delicious, gently savoury 2017 Petit Meunier Rosé from Joiefarm’s Chic Fille (‘cool girl’) side label.

It may have been a little over-chilled when we rescued it from its ice bath (hot day, I swear) but that just made the beautifully-coloured, low-alcohol, dry and juicy quaffer all the more refreshing and levelled for every edible intensity at hand. If you’re aiming for a crowd-pleasing, food-friendly, natural wine from BC this summer, this has to be it.

I’m pretty sure I saw this wine on the list at Chambar recently,  but I don’t know where else it’s available right now. If memory serves, they didn’t make a lot of it, so if you see a bottle out there in the wild, don’t think twice and grab it!

Better yet, if you’re in the Okanagan this summer, hit the source for lunch at Picnique and ask if they have any left. If not, grab a few bottles of their recently released their 2018 Chic Fille Rosé, which is made with Pinot Noir grapes and is just as appropriate for outdoor celebrations.

The summer will be long, so be prepared!

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