What Is Islandist?

Welcome to Islandist, a publication designed to keep Vancouver Island locals and visitors informed of cool, delicious and otherwise interesting things afoot in a very special part of the world. You probably have some questions…

Who is behind Islandist? The website was launched in the Fall of 2019 by Andrew Morrison and Michelle Sproule. There are no outside investors, silent partners, or wizards hiding behind any curtains.

Who designed Islandist? Our friends Cornelius and Jeannette at Matchbox Creative. They’re also responsible for the current version of Islandist’s sister publication, Scout.

Where is the Islandist office? We don’t have one. We’re always on the road, splitting our time between Vancouver Island and Vancouver. When we aren’t typing away at a kitchen table we’re doing the same in the ferry line-up.

What are your social media channels? @theislandist. Follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How does Islandist make money? Through advertising and Islandist Community memberships.

How much does advertising and membership cost? Not much! Please get in touch with Michelle Sproule, she’ll get you sorted with all of the details. She’s at michelle [at] islandist.ca.

What is the Islandist Community? A collection of businesses that use Islandist to distribute their news, press releases and job postings.

Does Islandist write content members? No. Members write their own news, press releases and job postings for the Bulletin Board and Opportunity Knocks sections. Editorial in the Food and Culture sections is never paid for.

Can I write for Islandist? We hope so! We don’t have a ton of cash to throw around but everyone who might be interested in contributing is invited to reach out to andrew [at] islandist.ca with their details and areas of interest.

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