On Cemeteries With Liquor Licences and Keeping Up With a Ketchup Guardian

Yakitori bar detail, Tokyo 2018 | Photo: Michele Sproule

Bon Appetit shares their picks for the USA’s best new restaurants of 2019 including Matt’s BBQ Tacos in Portland and Seattle’s By Tae and Dacha Diner.

In an effort to revamp the city’s food waste program, Vancouver is looking at how residents can do a better job of preventing food from being tossed in the first place.

True story: Way back in the day, people used to congregate in cemeteries and eat lunch with the dead. One even had a liquor license.

This week in How to Cook Vancouver, Scout’s Maciel Pereda tries her hand at recreating Les Faux Bourgeois’ Salade Niçoise at home.

Punchdrink on the surprising history of how the Cosmopolitan came to be.

“Born at the cusp of the Gay Rights movement and before the dawn of the cocktail renaissance, the Cosmo, in its tippy 10-ounce Martini glass, was a show-stealer that went on to become a modern classic.”

This 1-in-50 million lobster found in Maine can only mean one thing: it’s time to go and buy a lottery ticket.

And speaking of ocean rarities, this Vancouver Island gentleman bit into an oyster filled with a whopping 48 pearls.

Asshole of the week award goes to Jeff Bezos who, despite a net worth of $115 billion, is cutting health care benefits for Whole Foods employees.

NPR introduces the world to Hector Osorno, the taste-testing guardian of Heinz’s famous ketchup.

Scout’s list of the best french fries around town is a treasure map of epically delicious proportions. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite. (Currently in the lead is Chambar, by a mile.)

A combination of stellar taco shops, luxurious crab boils and a community of wildly ambitious chefs led Bon Appetit to name Dallas, Texas their 2019 restaurant city of the year.

For those who thought the 2019 Popeye’s chicken sandwich drama had finally come to an end, think again. This week the fast food chain announced a new BYOB policy…as in bring your own bun.

“Popeyes still has the best fried chicken in the game, so bring your own bun, order 3-piece tenders and voilà! You can make your own sandwich.”

How one local, meat-centric restaurant is gladly meeting the needs of their vegan diners.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @hawksworthrest and this trifecta of perfection:


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Move over beer lovers. The Millennials have arrived and they’re ordering a staggering amount of hard seltzer.

Further, the folks at The Atlantic have a few theories as to why White Claw has experienced such colossal success this past year.

“White Claw’s appeal, meanwhile, is that it rejects standards. Hard seltzer is exactly what it sounds like: fizzy water in a can with a pinch of sugar, a dash of fruit flavor, and roughly the same amount of alcohol as light beer. It’s cold, drinkable, and doesn’t taste like much.”

The New York Times pays a visit to Canada’s Prince Edward County where the coolness factor is on the rise thanks to a stunning landscape and an influx of wineries, boutique hotels and solid restaurants.

Province Marinaside’s Josh Carlson talks favourite BC wines, underrated local wineries and dream job placements for harvest.

Food as art: why some of the world’s most prestigious galleries put pre-Jesus cuts of beef and ancient pastries on display.

On a failed New York bar that was well before it’s time yet still found a way to leave its mark.

“A test balloon for just how far a chef and a bartender could lure customers, Tailor’s brief and brilliant stint on this earth left an indelible afterimage. Fat-washing and smoked drinks entered the cocktail lexicon, while, post-Recession, many ambitious chefs scampered to fast casual.”

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