Victoria’s Best Breakfast Sandwich Is a Subtly Spiced Work of Art

Here we dig down into the delicious details of Vancouver Island’s better handhelds. From banh mi and nut burgers to brisket sliders and reubens on marbled rye, the goal is to craft and catalog an ever-growing an archive of awesome that visitors and locals alike can reference when at their very hungriest. Dig in!

Every cafe does a breakfast sandwich of some sort. It’s no big deal. Once upon a time they were just a minor star in the McDonalds constellation, but now they’ve become as ubiquitous as banana bread. They typically begin with a bread-enveloped egg, but after that they go on variation safari, à chacun son goût. At Sherwood in downtown Victoria, they’ve turned the humble invention into a truly decadent wake-up with all the delicious equilibrium of a youthful gymnast being sat upon by a very fat man, and I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves. It’s on par with Vancouver’s once-a-year Andouille sausage sando at Juke, better than the Eggslut facsimile at 49th Parallel, and right up there with this menu-ruling beauty at Bells and Whistles.

Let’s break it down…

1. Brioche bun. Light, sweet and springy with good pressure response. A survivor.

2. Hot damn there are two rectangular hashbrown sticks in here! That means 12 crisped-upped sides of Yukon golden brown deliciousness and a good spread of hot and creamy potato mush.

3. House-pickled jalapeño coins of two loonie thickness. I counted three. They add more acid than heat, which is to say they make your mouth water but they don’t hurt.

4. Jalapeño creme fraiche made with lime juice gives every bite a subtle sting of slickness.

5. Fried egg from Lockwood Farms. Nicely seasoned but a stitch overcooked. All sandwich-bound yolks should be free to run a bit.

6. Arugula. For breakfast. Because these are the times we are living in.

7. Slater’s bacon, and plenty of it. Thick-sliced and perfectly cooked with more chew than crunch.

It’s all yours for $10. Know of an even better breakfast sandwich that exists in Victoria? I’m sorry but I don’t believe you. Please convince me otherwise in the comments below.


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