New Zero Waste Concept Shop ‘Frankly Tofino’ Opening Soon

Tofino’s first ever zero waste concept shop, Frankly, is opening soon. Located in the heart of town at 130-511 Campbell St., the impending eco-friendly grocery will be providing the community with a go-to spot for kitchen, home and body supplies and refills.

Like its Vancouver foremothers, The Soap Dispensary and Nada, Frankly will rely on its conscientious customers to BYOC (Bring Your Own Containers) or else purchase reusable options in-store in order to keep on point with their environmental mission.

Also in line with the business’ low-impact ethos, Frankly’s full disclosure policy means they’ll be open about where their products come from, focusing on seasonal and traceable goods sourced as locally as possible. Everything will also, of course, be free of chemicals. That means absolutely nothing artificial.

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There is no question that our plastics are piling up, and no question that we have gone too far with our consumption, but we can ask the question: what are we going to do about it? We are a little community of 2000 people, who have the privilege and power to set an example for 600,000 visitors. So let’s set the right example. What we can all do today: Vote with your dollar, the way we spend our money can change the world. Shop local and buy from the source, buy well-made and less of, and ask the right questions about where the products were made and what is in them. We are so lucky to have a community full of artists, makers, and entrepreneurs, not just here in Tofino but across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Let’s support them, let’s reduce our footprint and let’s start thinking about the whole picture. Here at Frankly, we are working hard to keep our footprint small. We are sourcing as local to Tofino as possible, in season, chemical-free, artificial colour free and artificial fragrance-free. We believe that we can live a beautiful life with less. #franklytofino #franklysimple #wastefree #wastefreeliving #sustainableliving #tofino #pnw

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Frankly’s overall attitude can be summed up concisely in one of their own simple statements: “We believe that we can live a beautiful life with less.” (Speaking of beautiful, the branding was executed by local painter Katie Clarke.)

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