On Scotch Having a Tough Go and the West Coast Coming of David Chang

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Going for gold! After taking home the top prize at the Gelato Festival America, Victoria’s artisan gelato maker Stefano Mosi sets his sights on the world finals in Italy in 2021.

Local food lovers were over the moon this past week to hear that Vancouver will be home to David Chang’s first PNW outpost of his award-winning restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar.

Also incoming in Vancouver, the people behind Beta5 Chocolates will be opening a new 16 seat cafe in mid-November.

Victoria’s Restaurant Graveyard remembers 90’s gem Java as a “smoke-filled coffee house for creative misfits.”

Between Brexit and new tariffs imposed by the Trump administration, scotch makers are having a bit of a rough go.

This week in curious food news: California is piloting a program that will allow drivers to eat roadkill.

Laughing Squid reports on the hilarity that ensures when a prankster calls two pizza chains at the same time.

Sixth Tone has a long read up on what has to be one of the strangest Chinese restaurants that ever was.

Atlas Obscura shares the story of a man in Santa Barbara that is building miniature models of some of the area’s most beloved dive bars.

Move over bourbon! American Brandy is making a comeback of delicious proportions.

“Buoyed by the sustained boom in bourbon and rye, American craft distilleries are moving beyond the increasingly crowded whiskey category and turning their sights toward brandy. At the same time, establishment value brands are stepping up their game, releasing higher-quality (and higher-priced) expressions—like E & J Gallo’s Argonaut line—to capture the discerning curiosity of a new generation of drinkers.”

A new column from the folks at Bon Appetit that answers your most burning questions on restaurant etiquette.

How one Wisconsin restaurant is at the centre of a controversy after firing one of their staff for refusing to serve transphobic customers.

Half a Dozen Hospitality podcast host Brad Bodnarchuk shares his favourite spots to drink and drink around town.

How Vancouver Island is putting its name on the map as one of Canada’s top culinary destinations.

Attending a climate protest dressed as a piece of broccoli and declaring yourself “Locally Sourced and Environmentally Friendly” is certainly one way to fight climate change.

CNN on the real cost os Costco’s cheap rotisserie chicken.

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