‘Tractor’ Opening Soon on Government Street

Vancouver-based quick-service restaurant Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods has secured a location in downtown Victoria with plans to launch in 2020.

This will be the first island foray for the healthy food-focused restaurant chainlet, which currently has six locations in Vancouver (with a seventh on the way), plus one in the heart of Toronto (at Yonge & Richmond). Owned by the husband and wife team of Meghan and Steve Clarke, the company has been a hit with Vancouverites by operating in the sweet spot between healthy and crave-worthy, serving up award-winning salads, hearty sandwiches, hot soups and comforting stews in modern rooms that feel like futuristic steel and glass cafeterias with open kitchens, sharp lines, and plenty of natural light hitting a colour palette of white, grey and blonde wood.

The new 1,650 sqft restaurant -located where Sam’s Deli operated for nearly 50 years on the southwest side of the historic Belmont building (closed last year) – will see some 45 seats inside and outside on what was once upon time (really, the 1980s) one of the busiest patios in Victoria. The plan, I’m told, is to launch in April, 2020. Opening hours will be from 7am to 9pm daily.

We’ll report back on this as the project continues to take shape, but in the meantime – to give you an idea as to how they might roll on Government St. – take a look at the gallery of images taken at Tractor’s other addresses…

  • tractor_9535
  • tractor_9830
  • tractor_9367
  • Tractor foods-4
  • Tractor foods-38
  • Tractor foods-37
  • Tractor foods-36
  • Tractor foods-39
  • Tractor foods-34
  • Tractor foods-33
  • Tractor foods-32
  • Tractor foods-30
  • Tractor foods-29
  • Tractor foods-28
  • Tractor foods-27
  • Tractor foods-23
  • Tractor foods-21
  • Tractor foods-15
  • Tractor foods-14
  • Tractor foods-12
  • Tractor foods-9
  • Tractor foods-8
  • Tractor foods-6
  • Tractor foods-3

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