A Layer-by-Layer Guide to Keeping Warm and Dry, From the Outdoor Experts at Fjällräven

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A Layer-by-Layer Guide to Keeping Warm and Dry, From the Outdoor Experts at Fjällräven

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Winter is here, and in order to combat British Columbia’s wet and chilly weather it’s absolutely crucial to be equipped with the right gear. Luckily for us, Fjällräven has everything you need to stay warm and dry all season long. As a bonus, we’ve expanded our use of ethical and sustainable materials across the entire range, including recovered and recycled wool, so you can feel good and do good with your new purchases! Here’s a layer-by-layer guide of some of our seasonal favourites to weatherproof your wardrobe…

The Jacket

In Vancouver, our idea of waterproof means you can go eight hours in the rain and come out bone dry. In this city, you want to dress so that you can head out for the day and know you’re not going to come back sopping wet. The Keb Eco-Shell is 100% waterproof (all of the seams are taped), but still breathable. The thing we love about this jacket is that not only does it have a classic cut and design and a really nice style (you don’t necessarily need to look like you’re going up Mount Everest to be serious about your gear!), it also has a lot of functional pockets. The reason it’s called “Eco-Shell” is because the fabric is made out of recycled polyester. Fjällräven works hard to source and use materials with a lower impact on the environment. Keb Eco-Shell, $550. Available for women and men.

The Greenland Re-Wool is new for us.  This is a heritage design- a throwback to our company origins in the 1960’s. The thing that’s really cool about this is that it is part of our new recycled wool program – so the wool used is from a sustainable source.  It also has pile-fleece lining and reinforcements in G-1000 Eco for added durability. It just looks so good, right?Nice clean design, but warm and durable. Love this piece! Find out more here.

The Sweater

Next, you need to think about what your mid layer is going to be. We know people from other parts of the country who are used to much colder winter weather, but when they move here they just feel colder — we get it! Vancouver is a different kind of cold. It’s wet, and that wet gets into your bones. So the important question to ask is, what are you putting between you and the weather? If you’ve got an Eco-Shell, you’ll be dry, but let’s make sure you’re warm too!

Avoid down in the rain – it just gets soggy. What you really want is fleece, or a nice classic wool sweater. Right now, Fjällräven is all about wool. Not only is wool is a temperature regulator, which means it can keep you warm when you need it. If you are hiking or doing something similar outdoors, and your body temperature goes up, you won’t need to take layers off because the wool will allow air to circulate when you need it and it will capture warmth when you need that instead. It’s also anti-microbial, so it won’t get stinky, which is important, right? We have such a wide range of classic wool sweaters right now for men and women. Trust us on this: wool is the answer. Övik Nordic Sweater, $200. Available for women and men.



Winter is definitely time for an insulated pant. The Sörmland is new. This is a product that will keep you warm, without the bulk. It’s insulated with a soft liner all the way down to the knee. For the cold snap that we’re in right now, (and the cold snaps that are to come) Sörmland is a fantastic choice: equally good for when you have to get out of your warm bed to walk the dog in the cooler January mornings as it is for wandering around Whistler Village looking normal (not like you’re wearing full adventure gear). Sörmland is not water proof, but it is made with G-1000, so that means it is water resistant. This pant will keep you feeling protected from the elements. Check them out here.

If you are being active out in the rain, we’ve got the G-1000 canvas pants which are great. The fabric is a mix of polyester and cotton, which means it’s going to dry really quickly. The other nice thing about this material is that it can take on wax. So, although it’s not waterproof, with a layer or two of wax, it is water resistant. Basically, it can handle light rain and snow.

Another option would be a pant from the Abisko line. Abisko stretch is lightweight, so even if you get caught in the rain, once you’re inside you’re going to be dry in short order (about 5 minutes) which is so handy in Vancouver! These pants look good, wear well, and dry fast. Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers, $200. Available here.


When it comes to footwear, we suggest a cross functional boot. Dry feet are critical! We carry a boot from the German footwear company called Hanwag that’s a fully waterproof GORE-TEX style. It’s flexible and it has a Michelin IceGrip, so if you’re on a street that is wet or slippery with leaves and deep puddles, this is something we highly recommend. Tudela Mid Winter GTX, $335. Available here.


For carrying your gear, you need a good backpack. Our new Ulvö series has been a game changer for us (and the price point is really good!) It comes in either a zip or rolltop style, which has a kayak dry-bag feel. Both have a laptop pocket and are waterproof. The really cool thing here is that the inner waterproof lining could theoretically be any colour, but the designers deliberately chose white because white transmits light. What does this mean? Well, when you open up your bag, it’s not a black hole – it captures more light which helps you to be able to see what’s inside. Overall, this is a really cool bag and we don’t know anyone with one who doesn’t love it. Ulvö Rolltop 23, $165. Available here.

That being said, if you already have a Kånken Back Pack and you want to keep using it in wet weather, you don’t want to rely on wax alone for waterproofing in Vancouver – especially not if you want to protect things like your laptop or important documents. That’s when you want a little extra protection. This year we have released a rain cover for our Kånken that’s a cheap and easy upgrade. You just slip the cover over the pack and water rolls straight off. Perfect! Kånken Rain Cover, $30. Available here.


Lastly, don’t forget to keep your ears warm! We’ve got some beautiful hats this year, including the environmentally friendly Re-Wool Hat. The recycled wool comes from both pre- and post-consumer sources across the globe and is manufactured for Fjällräven in Italy. It can be defined as old garments or ‘spill wool’ from the wool industry that’s been colour-sorted, shredded, and re-spun to make new garments. As and added bonus, it also brings appealing colour nuances to our garments and reduces the need for additional dyes, chemicals, and the water normally required for these processes. Re-Wool Hat, $70. Available here.

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