Shake Up Your 2020 Music Collection by Visiting CAVITY’s Next Music Exchange

Resolved to shake up your music collection but uninspired by algorithm generated suggestions? Consider dusting off your neglected collection of tapes, CDs, 8-tracks, DVDs and/or vinyl, and heading over to the CAVITY curiosity shop for one of their good ol’ fashioned music swaps! The exchange is operated on a one-to-one ratio, so the more old music you bring the more you get to take home. That mixtape you pick up may or may not contain some life-changing tunes, but what it does contain is a human element that Spotify will never be able to replicate.

The trading action takes place the last Sunday of every month (January’s goes down on the 26th) from 4:20 to 6pm, so show up on time if you want to get your pick of the lot. Find out more.

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