Let Your Appetite for Fresh Knowledge and Ocean Ingredients Go Wild at ‘Discover and Dine’

Attention adventurous eaters: if curiosity and the prospect of fresh knowledge get your appetites going almost as much as local, fresh-from-the-water ingredients do, then you need to know about the next ‘Discover and Dine’ event happening in Tofino next month.

The day-long experience begins at 10am on March 14th with an excursion and lesson on the featured ingredient, led by one of the Raincoast Education Society’s Marine Biologist Educators, and is followed by a demonstration on seaweed preparation and cooking techniques at Long Beach Lodge Resort. Then, after you’ve satisfied your appetite for learning, it’s time for the real feast; a 3-course dinner created by Executive Chef Shaun Snelling.

Tickets are $89 per person (dinner included) and space is super limited, so if your brain and belly have already come to an agreement then you’d better sign up now. Also of note: besides seaweed, this time of year in Tofino is also ideal for getting a thrill by storm watching. Hook yourself up with front row seats to the natural spectacle by booking your stay at the seaside Ocean Village Resort, which has extended their special discounted Storm Season packages until the end of February.

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