MIS EN PLACE PODCAST // Episode 4 — Tech Talk, Cooks Camp and More

Welcome to the Mis En Place podcast. Hosted by chef, restaurateur and Chefs Table Society president Robert Belcham, the podcast covers a variety of topics related to the complicated lives of the people who cook your food.

Even though the restaurant industry may not be returning to ‘normal’ after this current and unprecedented global event, some substantial changes were already on the agenda. It’s hard to overlook is how technology allows us to stay connected during the pandemic. And some of that connectivity is already available to help cooks get more work done…often in a low-carbon, future-friendly way. More high-tech, low-carbon gear is coming to commercial kitchens, both sooner than later and with consequences cooks need to talk about e.g. are the days of ‘cooking with gas’ numbered? Host Robert Belcham started a physically-distanced conversation on that topic with Welbert Choi, executive chef of Forage Restaurant at The Listel Hotel, winner of several awards for its sustainable operations and menu, and Calgary-based Tyler Schwarz brings years of knowledge and experience in restaurant and hotel kitchens to his role as Director of Sales, Western Canada for RATIONAL Canada. There’s also an update on COOKS CAMP 2020.

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