SEE BC FIRST // We Can’t Wait to Spread Out on This Local Winery’s Lawn Again

We travel-starved and isolated British Columbians should enter into a covenant with one another — that when this nightmare ends we commit to enjoying a local adventure before travelling anywhere else.

We’re really looking forward to rolling up to Joiefarm on the Naramata Bench where we will taste their wines in the Okanagan sunshine. Here you can also shoot the breeze among the fruit trees on the sweet green grass with some absolutely delicious wood-fired pizza. It’s one of the most welcoming wine properties in Canada, and a place of annual summertime pilgrimage for countless wine-loving British Columbians. (At the time of writing – the beginning of Phase II of BC’s Covid-19 response – the winery is offering two-hour, all-inclusive experiences, plus special tailgate tastings and curbside pick-up of both wine and pizza. Details here.)

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What are some of your favourite places that you’ll want to hit when normalcy returns? We’re stuck close to home too and want to be inspired and uplifted by your shout outs and ideas for travel within BC, so please share via #seeBCfirst.

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