READER POLL // Should Restaurants Be Going Public About Possible Covid Exposures?

Since the beginning of the pandemic there has not been an established protocol for how restaurants should react when faced with possible Covid-19 exposures. Many have posted well-meaning “advisories” to their social media channels, sharing how a staff member or customer had tested positive for the virus, believing such disclosures were for the common good. Such is the natural compulsion of honest companies that don’t want to hide anything! Others – including an industry friend/colleague who posted about it to her personal Instagram (thus inspiring this post) – believe (I think rightly) the posts not only contribute unnecessarily to public anxiety but also illegally disclose the private health information of diners and staff — essentially arguing that restaurants should leave the advisories up to the professionals.

Since it might be helpful if the restaurant community held a common front on this, we’d like our readers to weigh in to establish evidence of majority opinion on one side or the other…

Out of well meaning "abundance of caution" and without prompting by health authorities, should restaurants publicly disclose Covid-19 exposures on their premises?

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