We Want a Copy of the New Book Celebrating the Deep South’s ‘Waffle House’

We’re a pretty satisfied bunch, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t covetous. Sometimes we see things out there that we just must have. Cool Things We Want is an archive of those earthly desires.

After watching chef Sean Brock explain the wonders of the Waffle House to Anthony Bourdain (to the stirring music of Vivaldi) in an episode of Parts Unknown, it’s only natural for faraway, cooped-up, travel-starved British Columbians to want to experience the deep south restaurant chain for themselves…

To Bourdain, the Waffle House he visited in Charleston, South Carolina was “an irony free zone where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts; where everybody regardless of race, creed color or degree of inebriation, is welcomed. Its warm yellow glow a beacon of hope and salvation, inviting the hungry the lost the seriously hammered all across the south to come inside.”

Since it will likely still be a while before we have the opportunity to give it a shot I’ve found a book to tide us over. Waffle House Vistas is a 96-page collection of photographs and musings from Waffle House devotee Micah Cash.

You can score a copy at The Bitter Southerner.

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