How Generations of Underaged Partiers Have Avoided Cops and Cover Charges in BC

"On our way up to Jones Lake on Sunday we had to wait for a slow convoy of hungover bush party survivors to pass..."

The Dusty Rainbows That Sometimes Lead to Pots of Camping Gold

The FSRs closest to population centres are commonly used as a means for city dwellers to access free and remote campsites.

Somehow These Two Words in Latin Permitted the Crown to Claim Sovereignty Over British Columbia

Despite its fancy Latin name, the doctrine of 'Terra nullius' was of a calibre of argument typically employed by kindergarten bullies.

The Phenomenon Making Victoria Almost Three Times Sunnier Than Vancouver

"Southwestern BC isn't always wet. It really depends are where you are in relation to the Olympic Rain Shadow."

How Some BC Neighbourhoods Once Tried to Keep People of Colour Out

"So this racist lady on the bus starting ranting about Land Title Covenants, asking a young Asian couple if they were servants..."

That Time Our Government Made Millions Being Unabashedly Racist

"Most of my younger friends think racism towards Chinese people is a new thing in BC. Then I tell them about the Head Tax..."

The Thing Travelling Islanders Cross Their Fingers and Hope For

“I know it's Friday afternoon on a long weekend and I don't have a reservation but I'm crossing my fingers and trusting in ferry luck...”

The Legendary Tofino Restaurant at the End of the Canadian Road

"The first thing I do whenever I get to Tofino is hit SoBo for some Tofu Pockets and a big slice of Key Lime Pie..."

The Breathtaking, Quintessential Gulf Island Journey Some Love, Others Hate

"Hi Mom. I made the ferry just in time but it's a milk run so it's probably best that you start dinner without me."

The Colloquial Abbreviation of an Iconic Victoria Restaurant

"When I was at my poorest I survived on bottomless soup and focaccia bread at Pag's..."

Victoria's Most Notorious Property for Half a Century

"I used to buy weed on the 7th floor of View Towers until one night I found a pool of blood in the elevator..."

What's the Ubiquitous Nickname of This Small Island Town?

"Even though it's small and isolated on the edge of the continent, I'd totally move to Ukee tomorrow if I could..."

In BC, This Term Stirs Both Nationalist Enthusiasms and Yearnings For Alpine Tranquility

"To avoid all the crowds during the Olympics I went across the border and camped in the Olympics..."

The Cliché That Still Paints Victoria as a Stifling Place to Live

"I know more musicians, skateboarders, artists and cooks than newlyweds and nearly deads, but whatever..."

The Victoria Punk Band That Has Endured For Over 40 Years

"I've probably seen The Dayglo Abortions more times in the last 30 years than I ever talked to my Dad..."

This Ship Unloads American Tourists Up to Four Times a Day

"Want a cheap international cruise to an extraordinary wilderness? Olympic National Park is just a quick Coho ride away..."

Yes, the Stanley Cup Was Once Won by a Victoria Hockey Team

"You're goddam right The Tragically Hip should have written a song about the Cougars..."

Why Put Water in Bathtubs When You Can Put Bathtubs in Water?

"Did you know there are now also bathtub races in New Zealand, Washington and Vancouver?"

Where the Name of This Enduring Neighbourhood Store Comes From

"I'm going to go get some milk and a newspaper from The Birdcages. Do you want anything?"

The Most Poignantly Famous Tree on Vancouver Island

"Few things are more simultaneously illustrative of our species' folly and fancy than the Big Lonely Doug..."

The Largest First Nation of the Nuu-chah-nulth

"The Ahousaht have oral traditions and histories that reach back over 18 generations, long before first contact with Europeans..."

The Bane of Existence for Every West Shore Commuter

"Hey, is there any chance we can reschedule the thing for a little later today? I'm stuck in the Colwood Crawl..."

This Was the Largest Act of Civil Disobedience in Canadian History

"Some of the environmentalists protesting the pipeline were also in the thick of it during the War in the Woods..."

Where Victoria's 'Criminally Insane' Used to Grow Their Vegetables

"When I was a kid we'd sometimes hear about prisoners breaking out of Wilkie and causing all kinds of crazy shit..."

The Homegrown Skateboarding Team of Legend and Infamy

"I was at a party in Fernwood last night when a bunch of Jaks showed up and tore the place down. Literally..."

The Adventurous TV Dog That Used to Do Good for Hapless British Columbians

"When I was a kid I wished my lazy dog was a lot more like the dignified German Shepherd in The Littlest Hobo..."

The Intrepid Greek Who Explored the Pacific Northwest for Spain 427 Years Ago

"I've always thought Juan de Fuca would be the perfect name for a West Coast meets Greek restaurant..."

The Narrow Body of Water Where BC Ferries Terrify Tourists

"I accidentally stabbed my face with my vanilla soft serve when the ship's horn blew through Active Pass...'

The Terrible Day When Local Real Estate Will Suddenly Become Affordable Again

"I'm not at all prepared for when The Big One strikes. I have two packets of instant ramen and half a bottle of Chardonnay..."