Face Shield You Didn’t Know You Wanted Smells Like Fresh ‘Krispy Kreme’ Doughnuts

The many innovations in our fight against Covid-19 now include Andy Clockwise's clever recycling of a doughnut bag.

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Watch the National Park Service’s Film on ‘Alone in the Wilderness’ Legend, Richard Proenneke

If you've ever seen 'Alone in the Wilderness' you've probably already fallen a little in love with Dick Proenneke.

Early 70’s Lunar Astronauts’ 16mm Films Converted to Stunning 60 Frames Per Second

From joyriding the cratered surface in a rover to the descent and landing of Apollo 15, these clips are pretty transfixing!

The Phenomenon Making Victoria Almost Three Times Sunnier Than Vancouver

"Southwestern BC isn't always wet. It really depends are where you are in relation to the Olympic Rain Shadow."

When Cartography and Satire Collided to Explain Complex Geopolitical Situations

In this short documentary, Richard Tilney-Bassett explains a fascinating pop phenomenon at the end of the 19th century.

SEE BC FIRST // We Can’t Wait to Spread Out on This Local Winery’s Lawn Again

We're looking forward to shooting the breeze among the fruit trees up at Joiefarm (with some wine and wood-fired pizza).

Chicago Potholes Filled With Colourful Mosaics Depicting Covid-19 Essentials

Dubbed "Holy Trinity", Jim Bachor's latest work sees three mosaics celebrating toilet paper, hand sanitizer and beer.

How Some BC Neighbourhoods Once Tried to Keep People of Colour Out

"So this racist lady on the bus starting ranting about Land Title Covenants, asking a young Asian couple if they were servants..."

That Time Our Government Made Millions Being Unabashedly Racist

"Most of my younger friends think racism towards Chinese people is a new thing in BC. Then I tell them about the Head Tax..."

The Thing Travelling Islanders Cross Their Fingers and Hope For

“I know it's Friday afternoon on a long weekend and I don't have a reservation but I'm crossing my fingers and trusting in ferry luck...”

The Legendary Tofino Restaurant at the End of the Canadian Road

"The first thing I do whenever I get to Tofino is hit SoBo for some Tofu Pockets and a big slice of Key Lime Pie..."

Meet Alan Cukier, Head Brewer of Vancouver Island’s Imminent Ucluelet Brewing Co.

Opening day for the highly anticipated brewery is set for Friday, February 14th with a special evening launch from 5-10pm.

The Never-Ending Stories of Local Artist Sarah Leckie’s Awesome Ceramics

From her studio in Victoria, this ceramic artist Screates utilitarian designs illustrated with fantastical circular narratives.

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The Courtney Room Reopens in Victoria