Short Film Uses Beauty of International Banknotes to Tell Strange Story of Money

Corrie Francis Parks animates pieces of paper currency and grains of sand to create a visual poem on global economics.

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How Generations of Underaged Partiers Have Avoided Cops and Cover Charges in BC

"On our way up to Jones Lake on Sunday we had to wait for a slow convoy of hungover bush party survivors to pass..."

Danish Vikings Discuss the Value of Wearing Helmets in This Clever Public Safety Ad

Just before sailing to England for a violent raid, a Viking leader is reminded by his community to protect his head.

The Dusty Rainbows That Sometimes Lead to Pots of Camping Gold

The FSRs closest to population centres are commonly used as a means for city dwellers to access free and remote campsites.

We Want This Tabletop Bookshelf That Bookmarks Multiple Simultaneous Reads

Made of plywood with built-in lighting, the 'Wisdom Tree' is designed for avid readers who have up to five books going at a time.

Timelapse Details the Growth of Shiitake Mushrooms

Another Perspective took photos every five minutes from two cameras to make this cool video of homegrown shroom growth.

The 4,000 Year Evolution of Our Alphabet

Once upon time the letters in the alphabet didn't all look the same or even make the same sounds as they do today.

Somehow These Two Words in Latin Permitted the Crown to Claim Sovereignty Over British Columbia

Despite its fancy Latin name, the doctrine of 'Terra nullius' was of a calibre of argument typically employed by kindergarten bullies.

The Phenomenon Making Victoria Almost Three Times Sunnier Than Vancouver

"Southwestern BC isn't always wet. It really depends are where you are in relation to the Olympic Rain Shadow."

How Some BC Neighbourhoods Once Tried to Keep People of Colour Out

"So this racist lady on the bus starting ranting about Land Title Covenants, asking a young Asian couple if they were servants..."

That Time Our Government Made Millions Being Unabashedly Racist

"Most of my younger friends think racism towards Chinese people is a new thing in BC. Then I tell them about the Head Tax..."

Meet Alan Cukier, Head Brewer of Vancouver Island’s Imminent Ucluelet Brewing Co.

Opening day for the highly anticipated brewery is set for Friday, February 14th with a special evening launch from 5-10pm.

The Never-Ending Stories of Local Artist Sarah Leckie’s Awesome Ceramics

From her studio in Victoria, this ceramic artist Screates utilitarian designs illustrated with fantastical circular narratives.

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