‘Osaka Power’ Lights Up Japan’s Second-Largest City

This wonderful, fast-moving short film from Christoph Gelep brilliantly captures two sides of the bustling Japanese city of Osaka.

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The View From Your Window #3

We love posting photos like this that reveal the views through the windows of our readers. We hope you'll consider sharing yours!

The Never-Ending Stories of Local Artist Sarah Leckie’s Awesome Ceramics

From her studio in Victoria, this ceramic artist Screates utilitarian designs illustrated with fantastical circular narratives.

The Evolution of Our Species Visualized by the American Museum of Natural History

Scientists use fossils to reconstruct the evolutionary history of hominins, our brothers and sisters from very distant and different mothers.

Love Shrooms? Don’t Miss the Vancouver Island Mushroom Show

The Vancouver Island Mushroom Show goes down at the Coombs Fairground on Sunday, October 27th.

The Legendary Tofino Restaurant at the End of the Canadian Road

"The first thing I do whenever I get to Tofino is hit SoBo for some Tofu Pockets and a big slice of Key Lime Pie..."

The Breathtaking, Quintessential Gulf Island Journey Some Love, Others Hate

"Hi Mom. I made the ferry just in time but it's a milk run so it's probably best that you start dinner without me."

The Colloquial Abbreviation of an Iconic Victoria Restaurant

"When I was at my poorest I survived on bottomless soup and focaccia bread at Pag's..."

Victoria's Most Notorious Property for Half a Century

"I used to buy weed on the 7th floor of View Towers until one night I found a pool of blood in the elevator..."

Chef Jesse McCleery on Forgetting All the Chaos and Cooking Wild

The chef and co-owner of the award-winning Pilgrimme reflects on meals of memory and what it's like to cook on Galiano Island.

On Community and Creative Collaboration with Local Artist Andrea Soos

We recently chatted with Andrea as the details were coming together for the upcoming POTLUCK collaborative art show...

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