On Labour-Inducing Burgers and Cancelling the Tofino Food & Wine Festival

In her latest read of the food and drink headlines, Talia learns of a new donut shop and a death in the restaurant family.

195 Year-Old Whisky Distillery Finds Door to Hell and Opens It

We thought this might be a joke at first but it's 100% real. The Glenlivet is giving its whiskies the Tide pod treatment...

Find This Spanish Classic on Fort Street and Put It in Your Face

The gambas al ajillo at Chorizo & Co. isn't as spicy as most other iterations of the traditional dish, allowing for some subtlety.

On Community and Creative Collaboration with Local Artist Andrea Soos

We recently chatted with Andrea as the details were coming together for the upcoming POTLUCK collaborative art show...

Remembering Overtime — Home of Free Coffee Refills and Late Night Dinner Rushes

Remembered as an especially fun facet of 90s Victoria due to its 3am closing time. It disappeared soon after it sold in 1995.

Victoria's Most Notorious Property for Half a Century

"I used to buy weed on the 7th floor of View Towers until one night I found a pool of blood in the elevator..."

Victoria’s Best Breakfast Sandwich Is a Subtly Spiced Work of Art

This brekkie-sando is a decadent treat with all the delicious equilibrium of a Romanian gymnast being sat upon by a very fat man.

You Need to Try Chef Rob Cassels’ New Squid Dish at Saveur

French-inspired Saveur has a new appetizer dish that begins (but does not end) with knife-skilled strips of local Humboldt squid.

Hey Happy Coffee to Get Even Happier

One of our favourite little coffee shops in Victoria will soon be getting a lot bigger as it gets ready to expand next door.

The View From Your Window #1

We love posting photos like this that reveal the views through the windows of our readers. We hope you'll consider sharing yours!

This Isn’t the Most Highly Anticipated Restaurant in Victoria for Nothing

When Toptable launches its new restaurant in downtown Victoria this winter it will be something of a game-changer.

We Wish This Cool Tiki Restaurant Was Still on Broughton Street

The Beachcomber Polynesian Restaurant was located in the old Canadian General Electric Building in the late 1960's.

In BC, This Term Stirs Both Nationalist Enthusiasms and Yearnings For Alpine Tranquility

"To avoid all the crowds during the Olympics I went across the border and camped in the Olympics..."

Virtuous Pie to Open New Location on Pandora Ave.

Virtuous Pie is announcing it is adding a fifth location to its growing fleet, this one will be the largest to date.

The Cliché That Still Paints Victoria as a Stifling Place to Live

"I know more musicians, skateboarders, artists and cooks than newlyweds and nearly deads, but whatever..."

The Victoria Punk Band That Has Endured For Over 40 Years

"I've probably seen The Dayglo Abortions more times in the last 30 years than I ever talked to my Dad..."

This Ship Unloads American Tourists Up to Four Times a Day

"Want a cheap international cruise to an extraordinary wilderness? Olympic National Park is just a quick Coho ride away..."

Yes, the Stanley Cup Was Once Won by a Victoria Hockey Team

"You're goddam right The Tragically Hip should have written a song about the Cougars..."

Where the Name of This Enduring Neighbourhood Store Comes From

"I'm going to go get some milk and a newspaper from The Birdcages. Do you want anything?"

The Bane of Existence for Every West Shore Commuter

"Hey, is there any chance we can reschedule the thing for a little later today? I'm stuck in the Colwood Crawl..."

Where Victoria's 'Criminally Insane' Used to Grow Their Vegetables

"When I was a kid we'd sometimes hear about prisoners breaking out of Wilkie and causing all kinds of crazy shit..."

33 Acres’ Interview With ‘Back In Five’ Pop-Up Creator, Sean Partlow

The latest community journal piece / film from 33 Acres focuses on Sean Partlow, who runs the Back In Five pop-up restaurant.

The Homegrown Skateboarding Team of Legend and Infamy

"I was at a party in Fernwood last night when a bunch of Jaks showed up and tore the place down. Literally..."

What Is Islandist?

‘Wind Cries Mary’ Opening Soon in Bastion Square

Jesse Dame has taken over the storied Camille's Restaurant address and aims to have his new restaurant open by mid-July.