The Narrow Body of Water Where BC Ferries Terrify Tourists

"I accidentally stabbed my face with my vanilla soft serve when the ship's horn blew through Active Pass...'

The Terrible Day When Local Real Estate Will Suddenly Become Affordable Again

"I'm not at all prepared for when The Big One strikes. I have two packets of instant ramen and half a bottle of Chardonnay..."

The Maritime Route That Sounds Like It Could Also Be a Psych-Rock Band

"One of my life goals is to travel the Inside Passage from Victoria all the way north to Skagway and then back again..."

The Fact British Columbians Acknowledge Before They Go About Their Business

"You know, sometimes the territorial acknowledgement feels a little rushed and insincere, but that was a really good one..."

Andrew Mavor on the Idiosyncratic Art of Making a Restaurant Soundtrack

At Victoria restaurants Hanks and Nowhere, music is on the menu whether you like it or not. Just pull up a seat and listen...

Take a Look Inside ‘Nowhere’, Now Open in Victoria

The new seafood-focused restaurant from the chefs that gave us Hanks is now open at 1001 Douglas Street.

Hanks Crew to Open ‘Nowhere’ Restaurant in Downtown Victoria Later This Month

The team behind one of Victoria's best restaurants has a new project in the works. Take a look inside 'Nowhere'.

The Courtney Room Launches This Week in Victoria

The new, smartly-designed restaurant, cheffed by Sam Harris, opens this week in the lobby of the Magnolia Hotel & Spa.

Victoria's Enduring Above-Ground Underwater Meeting Place

"I'm thinking about buying a cold sixpack of Hermann's on my break. Want to split it in the shade at the Whale Wall after work?"

The Kid's Meal Rite of Passage for British Columbian Children Since 1968

"There's definitely an argument to be made for the Pirate Pak being the most emblematic, iconic meal in British Columbia..."

What's That Strange Japanese Vehicle That So Many Islanders Seem to Love?

"I was actually honestly thinking about getting a Delica until I realised I'd have to learn how to drive and parallel park all over again..."

Who’s That Burly Lookin’ Fella on Moon Under Water’s “Potts Pilsner” Beer Label?

Backed by axes in a hard hat and some bush stubble, the guy on the label was a mystery to us so we tried to find out who he was...

New Middle Eastern Concept ‘Superbaba’ Opens Downtown

The teams behind Tacofino and Cafe Medina have joined forces with Abdallah El Chami to create this Middle Eastern restaurant concept.

This Antiquated British Slang Term Is Still in Use in Victoria

"The bar in Esquimalt was loaded up with freshly paid pongos last night and things nearly got out of hand..."

The Glittering Evidence That Stays Long After a Car Gets Broken Into

"I woke up and found that both my bikes' tires were shot. I must have run over some junkie gems on the way home last night..."

The Company That Tried to Cut Down British Columbia

"The best way to see the damage done by MacBlo is from the air..."

The TV Talent That Inspired a Generation of British Columbians to Cook

"Wok With Yan was probably the only person who could out-pun my dad..."

The Body of Water Separating Vancouver Island From BC's Mainland

"Dude, you won't believe this but another severed foot just washed up in the Salish Sea..."

Pineapple Express

"Of course the Pineapple Express rolls into town on the one day I forget to bring my umbrella..."

The Bargain Salesman With the Sailor's Catchphrase

"I heard The Captain lost 100 hundred pounds and found God..."