Gaia Grocery


Region: Tofino
150 4th St. | 250-725-0237 | WEBSITE


Open daily from 10-8 pm for in-store shopping.

All products can be purchased online from | Free delivery in Tofino and within two hours.

We also offer vacation rental kitchen drop-offs for pre-load before check in!


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The People

Amorita Adair, Owner

About Gaia Grocery

We are passionate about providing Tofino and its surrounding communities with the highest quality foods possible, while catering to busy families in need of convenient access to easy, nutritious options. Every item at Gaia Grocery has been thoughtfully selected, with an inclusive focus on health and variety.


Whenever possible, we choose, local, organic and sustainable products.

We are part of the Get Wild! Salmon Program (only retailing wild salmon).

We have 70+ bulk bins, all of which carry organic products, with a mix of legumes, pulses, nuts, baking items, snacks and sweets.

All our produce is organic and without plastic.

We have a clinical nutritionist on staff, with a large focus on our product selection being for alternative diets – vegan, lactose free, gluten free, allergen free, etc.

Our meat is organic and grass fed when applicable.


A love of good food (and wine!) is what first brought us together. Our early days consisted of late-night pasta making sessions and travels to culinary destinations. We even changed our wedding date to get the caterer we wanted.

On a fateful trip to Napa, California over 10 years ago, we fell in love with a small local grocery store. We ate incredible sandwiches at their outdoor picnic table and were charmed by the friendly, knowledgeable staff and nutritious selection. We decided that we wanted to replicate the experience back home in Canada – a healthy grocer without any of the pretension. We have lived in Tofino now since 2015, and with two young children alongside us, access to healthy food has never been more important to us.

I spend all my free time in the kitchen – baking, canning, fermenting, you name it! I have a weakness for cookbooks, frivolous culinary appliances, and a passion for preparing easy, delicious meals for my family with as many whole ingredients as possible. We believe in supporting local makers, farms and bakers; in Fairtrade, pesticide and cruelty-free food. Most of all, we believe in nourishing the West Coast. Gaia Grocery has been our family’s dream for many years, and I look forward to sharing my passion for good food with the community!